About My Site

Welcome to my passion for all things Greek!  This is the place to come to learn about anything that has to do with the Greek culture.  This will be a relaxed and informal place to discover.    I will be writing about my thoughts, as well as things you may or may not be aware of pertaining to food, traditions, music, dance, Greek language, travel, recipes, healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, ancient Greece, history,  culture, and more.  In addition, I will be featuring different things that Greeks have accomplished in the local area and when I travel.   Whether you are Greek or not,  you will, hopefully, find the content in these pages informative and interesting.  It is my hope that you will glean something new each time you visit.  I welcome your comments, ideas, and anything you may add to make this site richer and better.   I would love to get insights or opinions about things I will be writing about.

About the Author

A little about me.  I am a Greek-American who was born in New Jersey.  My mom came to America when she was 18 years old and met my father in the States.  She was from the island of Chios.  My dad came from the country of Cyprus when he was 16 years old and has a common story of many Greek immigrants.  He started off working in restaurants as a dishwasher, short-order cook, and then it changes a bit from the norm.  He went to school to become a hairdresser.  That’s a bit of a twist from working in a restaurant and eventually opening a diner.  Instead, he eventually had his own salon.  My parents got married and lived in the suburbs.   I was raised with my brother to learn Greek, go to church, love all and everyone Greek, and respect all people and our differences.  By the way, when I say Greek, I am including Cypriots. I hope that is okay and not offending anyone.  I know they are from Cyprus and have their own “language” and culture.  I will be sharing these things as well.

Presently, I  reside on the west coast of Florida.  I am an English teacher and love writing.  Hey, that doesn’t mean I won’t be making mistakes.  I currently teach middle school and have been doing so for the last 10 years.  I am so glad I have an outlet for writing, finally!! Up to now, I have been a very busy mom with no time for writing.    I am so looking forward to sharing a wealth of information about the Greeks.  I hope we can partnership in this, and you can share things as well so I can learn from you!  That’s basically the same thing that happens in my classroom.  Boy, do I learn a lot of different things from my students.

Hope you visit frequently.  Please tell all about the site.  Hope you enjoy Allgreekstuff.com.




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